In 2003, as a group of Arab followers of Jesus who believe in the power of media to reach millions for Christ and disciple them in their faith walk, we founded Vision Communications International.


Today, we are a multimedia organization that reaches millions of Arabs across the globe, utilizing multiple media channels in a dynamic, integrated platform that ensures wide coverage and deep penetration within every nation’s Arabic speaking people.


• We create television programs that broadcast on 14 satellite stations in prime time slots
• To date, we have produced 43 long-running TV programs. Click here to see a 3-minute demo
• The TV programs are watched by millions of viewers every week
• We give all our programming to our partner channels free of charge, and are considered the largest independent producer of Arabic Christian content globally


• We target multiple demographics: youth, children, women as well as general adult audiences
• We focus our content on evangelism and discipleship. Our programs include teaching, debates, dramas, music videos, 3D animation and other creative tools to relay the message in an attractive and intelligent way

Partnerships and Collaborations

• We actively partner with many ministries throughout the Middle East and beyond. Our partners include churches from various denominations, para-church ministries, worship groups, drama troupes, and Christian publishers
• We also work regularly with hundreds of volunteers, from creative directors to program coordinators, on-camera talent, composers, screenwriters, actors, musicians, art directors, worship leaders… and many more

In recent years, we have widened our distribution to include…
• Over 5 million unique users with 600k unique fans interacting
• Largest Facebook presence by any Arabic Christian ministry
• Over 75% of our fans and visitors are from a non-Christian background
• Over 15 million impressions by more than 1 million unique users per month
• Over 125 million views with an average of 2.5 million views per month
• Offering the largest body of Arabic Christian content worldwide for on-demand viewing
• A portion of our videos intentionally provide values-based, versus overtly Christian, content to attract wider audiences
• Over 8.5 million visitors
• Distributing a wide selection of audio material for listening and purchase
• Active in disseminating news and information, as well as special promotions for live performances
• A new venture that has garnered over 18,000 followers in a few months. Growing to meet heightened interest in this medium
Mobile App
• Containing devotionals, video clips, online radio, and other resources
• Over 100,000 users, with 1.8 million impressions
• Over 3,000 new users per month
• Containing the Better Life Radio, which includes songs, programs, and praise & worship in Arabic
Web Channel
• Continuous streaming of programs, music videos and other material
• In the future, will provide on-demand viewing of individual programs and short clips, in response to the younger generations’ viewing habits
In addition to the above distribution channels, we minister through:
Live Rallies
• Global in reach (Middle East, Europe, North America and Australia), these performances have been taking place for over 37 years
• Our music ministry has yielded countless Christian albums and is considered not only a pioneer in Arabic Christian music, but also the largest (with teams targeting adults, youth and children) and the most widely followed, since 1978