The best part of proclaiming the gospel is seeing the lives of many people touched and changed. On this page we share news and updates from the field, as well as testimonies from some of those who have been impacted by the Truth shared through this ministry.


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I used to be always doubtful that there is a God out there. But with your help, I got to understand what circumstances made it harder to believe there was a trustworthy God out there who listens. I have a better grasp of His love for me am on my way back to His arms.
I always loved what I heard about Christ and I got really interested in knowing more about Him because of your Facebook post about “Who is Christ?” Thanks for helping me start the journey, and accepting Christ as my savior. Also, for encouraging me to pray more and read the scriptures more.
I always have a lot of questions about the Trinity and the concept of the oneness of God; I am still exploring and reading. I am very thankful to you for granting me the opportunity to discuss what is on my mind. Also, thank you for the Bible gift you sent me!
I felt so loved and accepted interacting with your ministry, as I was offered help and advice. But I was amazed the most by the prayers that were prayed for me. They made a huge difference. God came visiting me in my dreams; they were a clear invitation that He’d been waiting for me.
I follow your YouTube channels regularly and really love your music and your ministry. It has changed my life. I long to live for the Lord and to be faithful believer. Please pray for my new life in Christ.
I have been reading a lot about the Christian faith and have watched your program on satellite. I had lots of questions. Thank you for answering them and for helping me understand the Bible as the Word of God. I have given my life to Christ and Im a changed man now.