Our Story

In 1978, we came together as a group of believers to do something no one had done before: introduce a fresh take on Christian music to the Middle East. 

We formed the first Arabic worship band and started to develop a unique, indigenous music genre while holding evangelistic concerts all over the region. Under the name BetterLife, our music ministry grew, impacting people from all age groups. To this day, we continue to create music and hold rallies all over Egypt, the MENA region, and beyond.

As media platforms like satellite television emerged in our part of the world, we saw a new—and previously unimaginable—opportunity to not just reach the thousands who could come to our rallies, but the millions who could tune in from their living rooms. We launched Vision Communications International (VCI) in 2003 to create and distribute Christian TV programs through the budding Arabic Christian satellite stations that broadcast to the MENA region and the Western hemisphere. We offer them programs at no cost in return for free air time, and, to this day, we broadcast in primetime slots on a number of partner stations.

Over time, modern technology yielded more avenues to communicate with our people. We learned to become effective evangelists and disciple-makers on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, websites, mobile Apps, Internet radio, and many other platforms. Today, VCI is the largest producer of original Arabic Christian audio and video content globally, and scores of long-running TV programs, hundreds of video and audio series, films, sketches, animations, and thousands of praise and worship songs. The short video below shows some of the media platforms we are currently using to tell people about Jesus and to help them grow in their faith. 

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