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Our youth face unique challenges as they grow up in a climate short on enlightenment, critical thinking and originality. To effectively minister to them, we use a mix of social media campaigns, radio and television programs, concerts and rallies, and one-on-one mentoring in small groups. Our hope is to impact young people—from atheists to committed Christ followers—wherever they happen to be on their individual journeys.



Arab women’s perspectives and challenges vary widely. Those who live in urban areas experience life in a markedly different way than those who live in rural places. We aim to create and distribute content that meets their divergent needs. From creative media campaigns to all-women events and small groups, our goal is to evangelize, educate and encourage our sisters to become true daughters of the King, and true leaders in their communities.


Children in our region are constantly exposed to global influences. They experience life in a completely different way than their parents. We purposefully speak to every age subgroup in a way that is unique to its needs and aspirations. Our ministry impacts children using tailored content on social media, satellite TV, and a custom app with parental controls. Often an entire family is evangelized and enriched when we reach a single child.


As much as men enjoy a favored status in our cultures, they struggle with distorted definitions of manhood, and the meaning of success as an Arab male. Ministry to men is generally rare in our region.  We aim to create smart and engaging content that speaks to them effectively on platforms like social media, satellite TV and radio. Targeted campaigns dealing with sensitive, often taboo, subjects have been especially effective in addressing men’s needs.


Families in the Middle East face mounting pressures—not different from their counterparts in the West. Relativism, skepticism, conflicts and stresses have made separation and divorce common outcomes. Our ministry aims to change this trajectory and instill hope by providing a godly model for family relationships, plus tools for raising healthy children. We use thoughtful and targeted social media series, as well as television and radio programs.


Our outreach to general audiences runs the gamut from programs that speak to atheists, to series that help committed believers deepen their walk with the Lord. From apologetics, to civics, to practical life applications from every book in the Bible, this content is distributed on all our platforms, including social media, television, Internet radio and mobile apps. And our live evangelistic rallies reach Arab audiences from all backgrounds in the Middle East and beyond.


We make some of our strongest theological arguments through melodious songs. Because we believe inspired indigenous music spreads hope and joy, we have created thousands of original songs, music videos, and worship-centered media programs to share the love and life we find in Jesus. Music has proved to be an incredible tool to draw people in, and prepare their hearts and minds to receive the message of Christ.

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It takes people coming together and cheerfully investing their time, talent, treasure and prayers to see His name made known among the nations! We welcome and cherish your prayers and support. 

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